11ty starter: uses md and notion as data sources. Based on https://github.com/siakaramalegos/11ty-sia-blog.

Used to power http://geekosaur.com.

General Info / Getting Started

This uses md files + notion as CMS. Besides blog posts, it also uses notion for “notes” and “books”. Note that the default field for DBs on notion is Name, and I renamed it to Title in all DBs, since I think it makes more sense. For all databases, you need to share them with the API user that is created when you get API access.

Images: Any pictures will be optimized. External images (like IMGUR) are going to be downloaded and versioned if you run build:local. Notion images not. Reason: every time you fetch the page, Notion will provide a new link, that is only live for 1 hour, and I don’t wanna mess with that now and risk versioning duplicates. Since they are on Notion, I consider them saved. IMGUR is download to avoid the risk of it being deleted.

Also, if you use (blur) some text as the image caption, it will use the blur shortcode instead of the regular figure shortcode.

Links/Embeds/Shortcodes: Addind a link as bookmark or embed is going to use the anyEmbed shortcode. That will use the appropriate embed for youtube, twitter, etc, and the unfurl shortcode if there’s nothing specific for that domain.

Regular posts

For regular posts, create a database like this

Description: used for twitter card/social sharing.

Lead: post lead, appears under the title.

Published + Date published: post is published if published is true and current date is > date published – so you can schedule posts.

Thumbnail: used for twitter card/social sharing.

Tweet/Reddit: If ‘tweet’ url (full url) is present, it changes the footer of the post, with a link to it. You can update your footer to also include Reddit (this is a TODO on the post template for me)

Notes: notes for you. Not used on the actual blog.


Notes I use for short posts, and they are rendered in it’s entirety on the “Notes” page. They are automatically published – no draft status or future date. The url is Notion’s page ID. See it live here: https://geekosaur.com/notes/. The reason: this is similar to a Tweet, but that I don’t want to lose, and also want the ability to tag, so I can find it later on. Not supposed to be a long post, just a quick share.

Create a database like that:

Created and Edited are fields controlled by Notion – you just need to add them from the list.

Embed: used for the anyEmbed shortcode;

Images: will post the images, and use the first as thumbnail – TODO is to actually generate a gallery with the images.

Format: not used yet. Defaults to text. Idea would be so have filters, and icons to identify the type of post (text/video/gallery), like Tumblr.

Tags/Tweet/Reddit: same as for posts.


Books is a page with all books read, separated by year. See it live here: https://geekosaur.com/books-per-year/

For me, I export data from Goodreads, and then have a script to update my Notion Database. I do that for 2 reasons: being able to export to the blog; being able to have my own notes and extra data, and reorganize how I see fit.

Fields you need: Title, Status (should be read for finished books), Type (should be book), Date Read, My Rating, Link, Review. Link is the Goodreads URL, and Review is a link to your own review. Type I use because I also track manga and comics, and I don’t want them to show on the same page.


  • _11ty: contains filters and shortcodes;
  • _cache: cached images (external images), posts, webmentions and books. For now, I’ve disabled cache for posts and notes because of the ‘image’ thing mentioned above. Other than that, npm start always uses the cached version, npm run build:local will update them, npm run build (prod build) will get new info but not update cache files
  • _data: files for the external data. Go there to add your Notion Database IDs, and make any changes you’d like. Also your webmention token from Webmention.io
    • To use webmentions for twitter/reddit/mastodon, go to webmention.io and https://brid.gy/
    • Also update metadata.json with your info
    • Note: There’s a method used by notion_posts and notes to search Reddit and update Notion with the URL. They are automatically published by IFTTT. I need to make it work for Twitter too, but need some time to get to it. (Feel free to open a PR if you wanna add Twitter API support for getting the tweet url)
  • _includes: layouts, etc

Other Notes

  • There are things I’m still slowly improving, but feel free to open an issue to discuss improvements or a PR to fix any issues you find :). I’ll update this starter occasionally as I make changes on my own blog.

Learning Resources

Still new to Eleventy? Try out these learning resources:

Also, get familiar with the 11ty docs!

Once you understand the fundamentals a bit more, dive into data with Architecting data in Eleventy. Then you can start building some more complex features like:


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