This template is meant to serve as a foundation for every P2/P3 following the React-Express-MySQL stack, as learned in Wild Code School. It’s pre-configured with a set of tools which’ll help students produce industry-quality and easier-to-maintain code, while staying as simple as possible to use.

Setup & Use

Project Initialization

  • Clone this repo
  • Run command npm install

Available Commands

  • dev : Starts the app in one terminal
  • lint : Runs validation tools, and refuses unclean code (will be executed on every commit)
  • fix : Fixes linter errors (run it if lint growls on your code !)



  • Husky : Allows to execute specific commands that trigger on git events
  • Vite : Alternative to Create-React-App, packaging less tools for a more fluid experience
  • ESLint : “Quality of code” tool, ensures chosen rules will be enforced
  • Prettier : “Quality of code” tool as well, focuses on the styleguide
  • _ Airbnb Standard_ : One of the most known “standards”, even though it’s not officially linked to ES/JS


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