It is a WhatsApp bot and help you as a Assistant


Elsa Wa-Bot

📢 Guide

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🔎 What is Elsa Wa-Bot?

Elsa Wa-Bot, is a WhatsApp helper bot written and Developed by Fazil vk. Does not log into your account It is written on WhatsApp Web API.


Simple Methods


Facing violation issue on heroku Read This



Elsa Wa-Bot Wiki (Full Guide)

The Hard Method (Not Recommend)

$ git clone https://github.com/mu-fazil-vk/whatsapp-bot.git
$ cd whatsapp-bot
$ npm i
// Create Config.env and edit it. Examle: https://github.com/mu-fazil-vk/whatsapp-bot/wiki/config.env-Example
$ node index.js

SESSION Generating

$ git clone https://github.com/mu-fazil-vk/whatsapp-bot.git
$ cd whatsapp-bot
$ npm i
$ node server.js

Heroku Bot stop working Problem

According to Heroku’s policy, the bot will automatically stop if you do not use it for a while. To fix this, go to Here and register your bot.

⚒️ Setup Wiki [Full Guide]



Answer a few frequently asked questions;

💬 Can you read my messages?

This project is open source so all the codes are clear. Neither less nor more; you can look what you want. We absolutely do not have access to your accounts.

🔐 What about our security?

If you are concerned about security, you can install it on your own computer. If you think someone else has captured your data, simply click on Whatsapp> Three Dots> Whatsapp Web> Logout from all sessions button.

💵 Is it paid?

Of course not. It will never happen. But you can donate to us. You can reach me via Telegram .

🌟 Is there enough features?

No. I will add many more features in upcoming days.

✨ What Elsa mean?

Elsa, is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd animated film Frozen (2013) and its sequel Frozen II (2019).

Other Questions ❔

Data Traffic

Elsa Wa-Bot encrypts all datas while sending messages, receiving messages, updates etc. There is no possible memory leaks.

Changing Branchs on Local Installation

Elsa Wa-Bot uses always main branch. If users cloned other branches, they can’t able to install it.

My Bot is Very Slowly, What should I do?

Firstly, you can check your ethernet connection. Your ping, packet loss and bandwidth. WhatsAsena uses phone’s ethernet connection (Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Mobile). So This is not about the Elsa Wa-Bot, it’s about the device or the internet used.

Why Are Updates Coming Late?

Because I’m the only developer. I need to test every step. I need to check each branch and import it into unique npm package. And I have a social life too 🙂

⚠️ Warning!

Due to Userbot; Your WhatsApp account may be banned.
This is an open source project, you are responsible for everything you do. 
Absolutely, Elsa executives do not accept responsibility.
By establishing the Elsa, you are deemed to have accepted these responsibilities.
Your account may be banned for the following reasons:
- Using fake numbers.
- Spamming Too Much (If someone complains)


Fazil vk
Fazil vk
Author, Base, Bug Fixes, Modules, Idea

Thanks To


This project is protected by GNU General Public Licence v3.0 license.


Contributing to the Elsa Wa-Bot project, The UserBot for WhatsApp. Additions and innovations are allowed. Please contribute with these rules:

  • New Features
  • Fixing Critical Bugs
  • New AI Systems
  • Innovations That Don’t Break the Integrity

In addition to these rules; Unethical additions such as nudity, sexuality, insults, terrorism are not allowed. All-age project demands innovations to match ethnic rules.


WhatsApp name, its variations and the logo are registered trademarks of Facebook(Meta). We have nothing to do with the registered trademark


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