A NodeJs API to track the macro nuntrient in your food.

It uses Express and MongoDBandYarn` as package manager, so just make sure you have these dependencies installed before you clone this repo.

How to use it ?

  • Just clone this repo and install the dependencies using yarn.
  • Run the application using yarn local.
  • visit

How to seed data ?

There is a seeder.csv file inside the data directory that contains a csv containing some seed data that you can use to just get started with the API. In order to make the seed the data to MongoDB, just visit

Once the seeding is done, you could visit to view all the food items available and it’s macro nutrient information.

NOTE: Since it is difficult to initiate PUT/PATCH/POST/DELETE dierctly from the browser, I recommend you to use a API client like postman or hopscotch.


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