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A barcode generator written in JavaScript

A barcode generator written in JavaScript


JsBarcode is a barcode generator written in JavaScript. It supports multiple barcode formats and works in browsers and with Node.js. It has no dependencies when it is used for the web but works with jQuery if you are into that.

Supported barcodes:

Examples for browsers:

First create a canvas (or image)

<svg id="barcode"></svg>
<!-- or -->
<canvas id="barcode"></canvas>
<!-- or -->
<img id="barcode"/>

Simple example:

JsBarcode("#barcode", "Hi!");
// or with jQuery


Example with options:

JsBarcode("#barcode", "1234", {
  format: "pharmacode",
  lineColor: "#0aa",
  displayValue: false


More advanced use case:

  .options({font: "OCR-B"}) // Will affect all barcodes
  .EAN13("1234567890128", {fontSize: 18, textMargin: 0})
  .blank(20) // Create space between the barcodes
  .EAN5("12345", {height: 85, textPosition: "top", fontSize: 16, marginTop: 15})


Or define the value and options in the HTML element:

Use any jsbarcode-* or data-* as attributes where * is any option.

<svg class="barcode"

And then initialize it with:



Retrieve the barcode values so you can render it any way you'd like

Pass in an object which will be filled with data.

const data = {};
JsBarcode(data, 'text', {...options});

data will be filled with a encodings property which has all the needed values.
See wiki for an example of what data looks like.

Setup for browsers:

Step 1:

Download or get the CDN link to the script:

Name Supported barcodes Size (gzip) CDN / Download
All All the barcodes! 10 kB [JsBarcode.all.min.js][1]
CODE128 CODE128 (auto and force mode) 6.1 kB [JsBarcode.code128.min.js][2]
CODE39 CODE39 5 kB [JsBarcode.code39.min.js][3]
EAN / UPC EAN-13, EAN-8, EAN-5, EAN-2, UPC (A) 6.5 kB [JsBarcode.ean-upc.min.js][4]
ITF ITF, ITF-14 4.9 kB [JsBarcode.itf.min.js][5]
MSI MSI, MSI10, MSI11, MSI1010, MSI1110 4.9 kB [JsBarcode.msi.min.js][6]
Pharmacode Pharmacode 4.6 kB [JsBarcode.pharmacode.min.js][7]
Codabar Codabar 4.8 kB [JsBarcode.codabar.min.js][8]

Step 2:

Include the script in your code:

<script src="JsBarcode.all.min.js"></script>

Step 3:

You are done! Go generate some barcodes :smile:

Bower and npm:

You can also use Bower or npm to install and manage the library.

bower install jsbarcode --save
npm install jsbarcode --save


With canvas:

var JsBarcode = require('jsbarcode');

// Canvas v1
var Canvas = require("canvas");
// Canvas v2
var { createCanvas } = require("canvas");

// Canvas v1
var canvas = new Canvas();
// Canvas v2
var canvas = createCanvas();

JsBarcode(canvas, "Hello");

// Do what you want with the canvas
// See https://github.com/Automattic/node-canvas for more information

With svg:

const { DOMImplementation, XMLSerializer } = require('xmldom');
const xmlSerializer = new XMLSerializer();
const document = new DOMImplementation().createDocument('http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml', 'html', null);
const svgNode = document.createElementNS('http://www.w3.org/2000/svg', 'svg');

JsBarcode(svgNode, 'test', {
    xmlDocument: document,

const svgText = xmlSerializer.serializeToString(svgNode);


For information about how to use the options, see the wiki page.

Option Default value Type
format "auto" (CODE128) String
width 2 Number
height 100 Number
displayValue true Boolean
text undefined String
fontOptions "" String
font "monospace" String
textAlign "center" String
textPosition "bottom" String
textMargin 2 Number
fontSize 20 Number
background "#ffffff" String (CSS color)
lineColor "#000000" String (CSS color)
margin 10 Number
marginTop undefined Number
marginBottom undefined Number
marginLeft undefined Number
marginRight undefined Number
valid function(valid){} Function




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