A basic Patreon clone in Solidity

This is a toy project to teach important Solidity and Hardhat concepts.


There are two interfaces, IPatreon.sol and IPatreonRegistry.sol with full NatSpec descriptions. Your goal is to implement them in Patreon.sol and PatreonRegistry.sol and pass the unit tests in patreon-test.js and patreon-registry-test.js.

Challenge setup

Clone and run the project

Verify you can get the project up and running with the following (you must have npm installed):

git clone [email protected]:daltyboy11/solidity-patreon-challenge.git
npm install
npx hardhat test

Checkout the interfaces-only branch

git checkout interfaces-only

This branch has the skeleton implementations you need to implement. Start on this branch to implement your solution.

Start coding!

Your task is to convert the NatSpec description to a working implementation. Your solution is finished when you pass all the test cases

npx hardhat test

Give it your best shot! Remember to use the hints and other external solidity resources. You can also look at my solution on the main branch.


Remember there is no “right” solution because there are many possible implementations. Here are some topics that will help you along the way:


Want to make a suggestion for improvement? Open up an issue or a pull request :).


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