A beautiful, material design inspired dark mode theme for Trilium.

Supported Trilium version: 0.50.1.
Unsupported: Initially developed against 0.49.5, versions greater then that may work but only latest supported. Early versions than 0.49.5 not tested.


  • Material Design Based
    • Comfortable Contrast
    • Maximum Readability
  • Dark Mode Friendly Font
  • Consistent Design
  • Custom Code View Styling
    • Dark Mode Native
    • Ligature Font
  • Complete Style Coverage
    • More than built in “dark” mode!


Technically none, Midnight will try and fetch the fonts it uses from the web. For offline use, or if any problems encountered, please manually install the following fonts:

  • Inter – A beautiful font designed specifically for screen use and works well in dark mode compared to default Trilium fonts.
  • FiraCode – The best programming font, great dark mode look and programming ligatures.


  • Create a new note in Trilium, store it anywhere you would like.
  • Change note type to CSS.
  • Paste in the raw contents of midnight.css.
  • Add an owned attribute of without the quotes “#appTheme=Midnight” to the note.
  • Click the Trilium icon in the top left, select options, and under theme select Midnight.


Midnight Screenshot


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