LastFMRichPresence BetterDiscord Plugin

This plugin allows you to show what you’re listening via You can set it up for Soundcloud, Youtube Music and lot of other sites, not just Spotify (with Webscrobbler). Keep in mind that you can’t click your own rich presence buttons. Other people can.



  • Show what music you’re listening with With Webscrobbler you can show music from 280+ different websites (see list here).
  • Hide Rich Presence when listening from Spotify (optional setting).
  • Shows ‘Listen on YouTube’ button when can find YouTube link.
  • You can also set up ‘Listen on Soundcloud’ button if you set Soundcloud Authorization key.
  • Easy setup. You can show scrobbles of any person.


  • Download this file and put it in BetterDiscord plugin folder.
  • Go to API and create API key (it only takes few minutes, write anything about app, dont need to provide callback or website).
  • Put key and your username in plugin settings.
  • Wait a minute and it should start working
  • If it doesn’t, make sure you have this option on: turn this on

Option menu

Getting Soundcloud Authorization key

You can get OAuth key by having Soundcloud app (but they stopped giving access) or by going to any search page, opening DevTools Network tab and finding search? request and copying Authorization header.

Soundcloud Soundcloud2

Will I get banned for using this?

This plugin uses RPC, which is official API used by lot of programs. It doesn’t update your status and won’t count as selfbotting.


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