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A Google Chrome Browser extension to provide a daily practice problem on Data structures and algorithms as well as provide updates on competitive platform contest with just a click of a button.

This extension is powered by the POTD Server @POTD Node.js microservice.

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Beta Release: Download and add to Chrome


The POTD service caters to bring consistency into the young budding
computer science students and enthusiasts towards DSA coding
challenges. The idea here is to provide an easy to plug chrome browser
extension to the users. Users are exposed a daily practice problem, which are from a pool
750+ problems, curated by software engineers from Google & Directi.

  • The Curated selection of important coding interview questions were hand-picked from existing lists that includes but are not limited to Striver’s SDE Sheet, 450 DSA Sheet, and many more.
  • The extension is presently available as a beta release to generate user feedback, and is not yet available on the Chrome Store.

Updates: v1.0.1

  • ContestsAPI: Get Access to all upcoming global contests on platforms including KickStart, Codeforces, AtCoder, Codechef, LeetCode and more.
  • Bookmark Problems: Add or remove problems from bookmarks’ tab, which is baked into the extension. Revisit the daily challenges later.
  • Faster Load Time: Optimized load times with both client-side & server-side data caching and storage.

Application Preview

Extension UI:

POTD Extension

Get Upcoming Contest Details:

POTD ContestsAPI

Save POTD Coding Challenges as Bookmark:

POTD Bookmark

Beta Installation

System Requirement

  • Chrome Browser latest version [Download Here]
  • Git [Download Here]


  • Install the files locally:
    git clone https://github.com/Hack-Repository/POTD-GoogleChromeExtension.git  
  • Open Chrome and navigate to:
  • Enable Developer Mode > Click on Load unpacked > Locate your cloned POTD folder and add to chrome.
    • Setup Developer Mode in Chrome

  • Extension is now ready to use!

Application Details



1.0.1 beta


Akash Chouhan,
Anurag Pratik



All rights reserved. Copyright (c) @POTD/Akash Chouhan & @POTD/Anurag Pratik.


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