A Chrome Extension for Bionic Reading on ANY website!

This extension was made by me on May 20th in about 15 minutes of coding time. Please forgive any bugs as it hasn’t been widely tested. Feel free to report them in Github Issues. Also, feel free to open a PR to fix any issues. I will review them quickly.

If there is interest, I am happy to work on this more and make it a dedicated screen reader.

How to download:

  1. Click on “Code” button > “Download ZIP”.
  2. Open the file location (e.g. Download).
  3. Right click the ZIP file > Extract All > OK
  4. Open Chrome > go to this link chrome://extensions/
  5. Enable “Developer mode”.
  6. Click “Load unpacked” and then choose the extracted folder.
  7. To pin the extension, click the puzzle icon on the top right of Chrome, then pin the extension.


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