A chrome extension that automates academic evaluation for GUC students. If you find it helpful, share it with your colleagues. make sure you use this url : and not the normal admin system url.

How to use :

1- download this repository as a zip file (or clone it).

2- extract the zip file.

3- open chrome://extensions using google chrome.

4- from the upper right corner, toggle developer mode.

5- click load unpacked from the upper left corner.

6- navigate to the folder downloaded and select the folder

7- open the evaluate academics site using THIS url :

or open it in new tab from the admin system.

9- choose the instructor you want to evaluate.

10- a popup should appear , enter a number from 0 (strongly agree ) to 5 (strongly disagree) or nothing if you dont want to autofill.

11- evaluation is done. you can now move on to another instructor.

the same extension should also be working for evaluate courses soon.


strongly agree : 0

slightly agree : 1

agree : 2

disagree : 3

slightly disagree : 4

strongly disagree : 5


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