A Chrome extension that extends Pulp with some extra features!

Important: This plugin is in no affiliated with Panic. Lot’s of the features below are just hacks and are easily broken by Pulp updates.

How to install

  1. Download the newest release and unpack it.
  2. Open “Edge” or “Chrome” and go to the url “chrome://extensions/”.
  3. Click “Load unpacked” and select the “pulp+ folder you unpacked.
  4. That’s all!


  • biggerSearchResults Increases the width of the incredibly small search results.
  • prettyPrintExportButtons Adds “Pretty export” buttons to export the JSON in a “not” minified format.

    • project Adds “pretty export” button for the project.
    • sound Adds “pretty export” button for the sounds.
  • openScriptButton Adds “Open script” button on small script editor to open script in full screen.
  • customTheme Adds the ability to change the theme colors.

    • theme Contains all the editable theme colors.
  • removeFooter Removes the footer since it overlaps with the “pulp+ settings” button.
  • responsiveScriptView Makes the script editor responsive.
  • tilesForBigScreen Moves tiles on the right side of the screen

    • scrollbar Makes the tiles scrollable without scrolling the screen.
    • responsive Makes the tiles resize to the width of the screen. (disabled by default)
  • layersGrid Changes the layers button to a grid to save up space.
  • scriptSelectPlayerPriority Adds ‘player’ to the top of the “script-selector dropdown since it’s used a lot.
  • screenshot Adds the ability to screenshot rooms.


Does this work on Edge?

Yes Chrome extensions work on Edge too!


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