NodeJS MySQL/MariaDB Terminal

NodeJS MySQL/MariaDB Terminal is a remote terminal for MySQL/MariaDB databases, which works in the same way as the official shell does!


  1. Secure connection to the database through the mysql npm package, with SSL support.

  2. Debugging mode to analyze and check for problems with the database

  3. Clean looking console, possibility to activate/deactivate color mode

  4. Completely free to redistribute (with appropriate credits and license, along a copy of this README)

How to use

Terminal Mode

To run the terminal, you can use the terminal script, with the npm run terminal command.

Single-Query Mode (Not Released Yet)

The terminal also supports a “single-query” usage, through CLI Arguments. Simply run the index.js file with the node index.js -q (query) Example: node index.js -q SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'port';

Debug Mode

To start the terminal in debug mode, use the debug script, or run the index file with the node index.js -debug true command. The console will throw a warning, to suppress it, go in the config.json file and set silent_debug to true. In debug mode, the console will log the raw data recived from the database, along with any error. Please keep in mind that some personal data might be exposed, such as user, password, server address and other. Use debug mode at your own risk.

Credits and How to contribute

  1. Credits:
  2. How to contribute:
    • Fork the repository (or clone it git clone (repo url)
    • Add your work (git add .)
    • Create a new branch (git checkout -b "your branch name (can be your username)")
    • Commit (git commit -m "Your very detailed description")
    • Start a pull request and wait

Useful Things

  1. Example config.json file:



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