Leetcode Ide

  • It is a clone of Leetcode Ide

Version-1 Version-1


Understanding Folder Structure

  • There are two folders client for frontend backend for backend.

  • In client folder:

    • app.js is the Home page or main page.
    • components folder have all the components :
      • CodeEditor – The editor for writing codes [ Multiple themes/Language support]
      • CodeInput – For taking user input same as in leetcode ide
      • CodeOutput – For showing the result of the code
      • Navbar – It is the basic navbar above editor for providing features of Run Code and theme selection etc.
    • lib folder contains a file defineTheme.js which is used to define a new theme for the editor
    • boilerCodes contains the initial codes for all the languages in the editor
  • In backend folder:

    • index.js is the main file of execution.
    • A post request /run is created using Express inside it which is the main request of this project.
    • It gets the user-code,code-language and user-input as request.
    • Then it creates two separate files one for code [like ‘a.cpp’,’a.py’,’a.js’] and other file for input [‘input.txt’] using generateCodeFile.js
    • Now Node child process [ exec ] is used to compile the compiled language [cpp] or interpret the interpreted languages [py,js] using executeCodeFile.js
    • Return the error or result as promise to frontend.

This was all about the folder structure and working of the files.


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