A collection of Discord hacks & exploits that is completely made using NodeJS

Before using any of these tools

First off, all of the tools here are for educational & testing purposes only. Automating your Discord account violates Discord’s Terms of Service and can lead to you being ratelimited, disabled, or terminated. Do not over-use these tools as, again, it will lead to ratelimits, account being disabled, or even terminated.


Name Description
247Account A simple code that runs your Discord account 24/7
aioDiscordSniper A fast, flexible & extensible Discord sniper.
auditLogFlooder Flood any Discord server audit log by sending junk invite links.
automaticStatusMessageChanger The name already explains it.
channelMassThreader A channel mass threader or a channel flooder via threads.
channelMessagesSaver Saves specific amount of messages of a Discord channel.
corruptor Corrupts your Discord.
demonstrations/bypassDiscordChatLimit Simple demonstration to bypass Discord chat limit(Kinda).
disabler Discord account disabler.
invisibleMention Mention the specified user invisibly.
inviteCodeServerInfo Discord server invite code server information grabber.
keylogger 100% undetectable keylogger.
massWebhooksDeleter Mass webhooks deleter.
messageAll Send’s your desire message to everyone in the current server.
multiLineSpammer Spams a lot’s of new lines in the specified Discord server channel.
nitroGenerator&Checker Blazing fast Discord nitro generator, checker & auto claim.
nukers/NuclearNuke Simple yet powerful & fast Discord server nuker.
serverInformationGrabber The name already explains it.
staticTokenGrabber 100% undetectable static Discord token grabber.
tokenGenerator&Checker The name already explains it.
tokenProtector A simple but effective Discord token protector.
tokenStealer 100% Undetectable Discord token stealer.
tokenStealerSpider 100% Undetectable Discord token stealer spider.
userInformationGrabber Grab’s the specified user(ID) information Including account. connections.
webhookSpammer A really fast webhook message spammer.




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