Slapdash Commands

A collection of Slapdash local commands made by me.
Reference: Slapdash Platform

How to use?

Make sure you have Slapdash installed as a desktop application and it is set up. Also install NodeJS as it is required for the execution of the commands.

Make sure you have git installed and then clone this git repository by running the following command –

Now, open up the Slapdash command bar with the CrtlJ keyboard shortcut and type “Create New Command”. Select it –


Now select “Local Script” –


Next, select the file (this will be under the the src/local directory under the slapdash_commands repository you had cloned earlier), give it a name and optionally an alias and a keyboard shortcut –


Now click “Create Command” and you are ready to go! To use the command simple type in the command name or alias in the Slapdash command bar.


All contributions welcome 🙂



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