Stylus Snippets

A collection of snippets for Stylus that either I have created or found online and transliterated into Less for Stylus. Sources are unknown, if you recongnise a snippet and would like credit for the original code, open an issue or PR.



Several of these snippets came from the css-snippets channel in the Powercord server.

Edit Timestamps

Show edit timestamps next to the message, replaces “(edited)”

Hide Gif & Sticker

Hide gif and sticker buttons until hovered

Jump to Present Pill

Fancy Jump to Present pill which expands on hover

Smol Member List

Collapse member list to only show profile pictures until hover

Hide Sidebar

Hide sidebar util hover guild name

Jump to Message Button

Replaces Discord message links with “✉ Jump to Message”

IRC Compact Mode

Align compact mode names like in IRC


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