This is a collection of useful expressions for Adobe After Effects that we use as a team.


The purpose, usage and required input parameters are documented in the Libraries themselves.


All expressions are formatted as AE-importable Code Libraries.

Here’s how you use it in your project:

  1. Download a Library File (e.g. AeExpressionLibrary.js)
  2. Import the Library File into your After Effects Project
  3. Use this code snippet below to import the Library into the particular expression you are working on
const lib=footage("AeExpressionLibrary.jsx").sourceData;
  1. Call a function from the library

If you don’t like to use external files, we’ve included the Libraries in a pure .js form—you can always just copy and paste the functions you want to use from there. Using external files does have a few benefits, though: It’s slicker if you want to reuse expressions, easier to read and will increase performance. This is detailed in a blog entry from Motion Developer:

After effects pre-processes expressions to allow for ExtendScript backwards compatibility. This pre-processing isn’t done on code in external files, so there’s a performance improvement for long expressions when written in .jsx files.

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