pzmap2dzi is a command-line tool running on Windows to convert Project Zomboid map data into Deep Zoom format.


  • Supports both python 2 and python 3
  • HTML viewer for viewing the generated Deep Zoom image.
  • Various plant rendering configurations (snow, flower, tree size, etc.).
  • Supports multi-thread acceleration
  • Supports resuming from a breakpoint
  • Supports map grid and room info rendering
  • Supports game version 41.68


  • The full output size for game version 41.68 is around 1.1TB and consists of 1.3M files. Make sure your output to a hard drive has enough free space.
  • The rending process will take a very long time, so it’s better to have a high-performance CPU, hard drive, and large memory.
    • (The rending took around 18 hours on an AMD 3700X with 64GB DDR4 2133 memory and a SATA3 mechanical hard drive using a 16 thread setting)

How to run

  1. Install python

  2. Clone or download the project

  3. install requirements

    python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. Edit the pz_path.txt file to contain the correct path where your ProjectZomboid located on your computer

  5. Edit the out_path.txt file to contain the desired output path

  6. run the tool


Change rendering configurations

  • Change thread numbers (default is 16 threads)
    • In the scripts/ folder, you can edit the starter command in the following files

    • Change -m 16 to -m 4 to use only four threads.
  • Do not render grid and room info
    • Remove the calling of render_grid.bat and render_room.bat from run.bat
  • Config a hotkey to elegantly stop rendering at a breakpoint so you can resume later
    • Similar to the config of thread numbers, add -s <hotkey> to starter commands
      • For example, -s "<f9>" make the rendering process stop when you hit F9
    • To resume, run run.bat again

How to start the HTML viewer

After the rendering, you get an html folder in your output path.

├── base/
├── grid/
├── openseadragon/
├── room/
├─ chrome_allow_file(need close chrome first).bat
├─ chrome_no_sicurity.bat
├─ pzmap.html
└─ run_server.bat

Directly open pzmap.html will NOT work, as the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Policies will refuse to load Deep Zoom tiles from your locale disk by default.

There are two ways to bypass CORS:

  1. Start a server and host your files on your drive
    • run run_server.bat
    • Afterwards, you can open http://localhost:8880/pzmap.html to view the image
  2. If you are using Google Chrome with the default install path, you can do one of the followings:
    • open pzmap.html in a standalone tab with all web security disabled.
      • To do this, run chrome_no_sicurity.bat
    • restart Chrome to allow locale HTML access to locale files.
      • To do this, you close all opening Chrome tabs
      • Then run chrome_allow_file(need close chrome first).bat

How to use the HTML viewer

  • To switch floors, use the button form Layer0 to Layer7 on top of the page

  • To enable/disable the grid, use the Grid button

    • (Position of the grid will adjust according to the current floor)

    Grid Example

  • To enable/disable room info, use the Room button

    • (Display room info of the current floor)

    Room Example


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