vinChecker is a command line tool built with node, which helps gather infomation on a romanian reegistered car, based on the registration number or the VIN. This is the beta version and you are welcome to fork the reepo and improve or add new features.

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vinChecker Beta supports:

  • Vehicle data identification based on plate no. or VIN
  • National stolen cars database identification
  • Vignette identification


vinChecker is built with node 16.15.1 and uses axios and minimis.

Installing vinChecker

To install vinChecker on your machine, run the following commands on your terminal:

git clone [email protected]:mihneamanolache/vinChecker.git 
cd vinChecker
npm i

Using vinChecker

In order to run vinChecker, navigate to it’s directory and run the following command: node app.js followed by one of the two required arguments:

  • --vin= – seearch by VIN no. VIN CHECK

  • --plate= – search by registration no. PLATE CHECK

You can also parse the --vignette argument to check if the vehicle has a valid vignette.


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