Discord Easy Leveling

A complete framework to make a leveling system using discord.js v13

Why discord-easy-leveling?

✨ Beginner friendly ✍ Full customization ☁ LightWeight 🦺 Does not use your discord bot token

Getting started!

const { Client, Intents } = require('discord.js')
// create a new client with discord.js
const client = new Client({
    intents: [Intents.FLAGS.GUILDS, Intents.FLAGS.GUILD_MESSAGES]
const { EasyLeveling } = require('discord-easy-leveling')
const config = {
    TOKEN: 'sUp3r-s3Cr31-t0K3n'
// options for the package
// this can be changed based of your needs
const options = {
    startingXP: 0,
    startingLevel: 1,
    levelUpXP: 100,
    database: 'sqlite' // or 'json'
const leveling = new EasyLeveling(client, options)
// creating a new 'EasyLeveling' client
client.leveling = leveling
// now you can access the leveling module everywhere!
client.on('ready', () => {
    console.log(client.user.tag + ' is ready!')
client.on('messageCreate', (message) => {
    if(message.author.bot) return
    // will not add xp is the message author is bot
    client.leveling.addLevels(message.author.id, message.guild.id, message.channel.id)
    // add levels to message author in message guild
    // the first parameter is message author's id
    // the second parameter is message guild's id
    // the third parameter is message channel's id
client.leveling.on('UserLevelUp', (newLevel, lastLevel, userId, guildId, channelId) => {
    // This event is fired when a user level up
    client.channels.cache.get(channelId).send(`Congrats <@${userid}>! You have advanced to level ${newLevel}. Your old level was level ${lastLevel}`)
// login with discord bot token

Getting a user’s data

To get a user’s data, we can call the getUserLevel function.

const data = client.leveling.getUserLevel()
//will return an object with the user's xp and level

Force setting a user’s level and XP

// the first parameter is the amount of level
// the second parameter is the id of a user
// the third parameter is the id of the guild
client.leveling.setLevel(level, userId, guildId)
client.leveling.setXP(level, userId, guildId)

Getting all data

This will get all the data from the database.

const data = client.leveling.getAllData()

Deleting all data

⚠ This will delete all data present in the database. Use this when you are sure that you want to delete all the data.


Deleting a user’s data

This function will delete a user’s data from the database.

client.leveling.deleteUserData(userId, guildId)

Reducing a user’s level(s)

This function will reduce a user’s level by a given amount.

client.leveling.reduceLevels(amount, guildId, amount)

Reducing a user’s XP(s)

This function will reduce a user’s XP by a given amount.

client.leveling.reduceXP(amount, guildId, amount)

Error handling event

Discord Easy Leveling always try and catch code to ensure your project doesn’t crash but if you want to debug, use our error handling event to log errors and where they are occouring

client.leveling.on('error', (e, functionName) => {
    console.log(`An error occoured at the function ${functionName}. The error is as follows`)

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