Nodejs Login System

You want a comprehensive user sign-up/sign-in system I strongly suggest you take a look at this repo.

The System Includes

Welcome page:

Welcome Page

The page where the user can register:

Welcome Page

The system that will send an activation link to your e-mail after registration (The user isn’t save to the database without clicking the activation link)

The page where the user can log in

Welcome Page

Forgot password page

Welcome Page

Simple dashboard page 🙂

Welcome Page

Technologies Used

  1. NodeJS
  2. MongoDB
  3. Mongoose
  4. PassportJS
  5. JWT
  6. Express
  7. EJS
  8. Nodemailer
  9. BcryptJS
  10. Connect-Flash


Clone the latest Repository

git clone

Installing NPM dependencies

npm install

Then simply start your app

npm start

The Server should now be running at http://localhost:3300/


  • Environment file and don’t forget to add the following values:



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