A cool tool that saves you time if you want to remove your node_modules folder before running the npm install command.

How does it do it?

By first moving the node_modules folder to a temporary location ($TMPDIR) it clears the room to start running npm install and simultaneously delete the old node_modules folder while the new modules are being installed.


To install globally run:

npm install -g @itayavra/rmnpm


In the root of your project, simply run rmnpm using:


Or (if not installed globally):

npx @itayavra/rmnpm

Additional arguments

  • [-p | --pull] – will update the code before reinstalling all the packages
  • [-rl | --remove-lock-file] – removes package-lock.json if exists
  • --use-lock-file – uses an existing package-lock.js (running npm ci --prefer-offline instead of the npm i command)
  • --clear-cache – resets the ‘Total time saved’ data
  • --quiet – runs without showing any rmnpm logs (will still show the logs from the commands that run)

Example usage

rmnpm -p -rl


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