Rust Cryptography Interest Group (RCIG) Zulip Chat

This repository is the central issue tracker used by the RCIG in order to
coordinate efforts towards promoting cryptography in Rust.

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This repository is where the Rust Cryptography Interest Group stores the following:

  • meeting minutes from Sync-Up calls
  • open issues based on ongoing discussions
  • suggest follow up topics of discussion for future sync-up calls
  • be a place where the community coordinates.

The aim will be for this repo to evolve an archive and a place
where actionable items can be
picked up easily by members of the RCIG community.


Our mission is to foster a robust Rust cryptography ecosystem:

  • Create a focal point for discussion and work on Rust cryptography in general
  • Provide overall direction for cryptography in Rust by forstering
    collaboration on an interoperable cryptographic ecosystem
  • Act as a resource for answering questions about the use of cryptography
    in Rust projects

Note that this is a new group and figuring out its exact purpose is a work-in-progress.
As we figure out a governance process we will be revising our mission statement and
hopefully publishing a vision document.


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