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DayZ Leaderboard Bot

A DayZ bot written in Javascript to display your leaderboard using the CFTools Cloud API.


Come try the bot yourself in our official support server! Demo

Step-by-step Video Guide

The people at Custom DayZ Services were kind enough to provide us with a step-by-step video guide/tutorial on how to set up the bot and get it online & responsive. The video is located in our support server on Discord.

Click me after joining to jump to guide!

Technologies Used


  • Node.js
    1. Head over to the download page
    2. Download the latest LTS available for your OS
    3. Be sure to check the box that says “Automatically install the necessary tools” when you’re running the installation wizard
  • A Discord Bot account
    1. Head over to the page linked above
    2. Click “New Application” in the top right
    3. Give it a cool name and click “Create”
    4. Click “Bot” in the left hand panel
    5. Click “Add Bot” -> “Yes, do it!”
    6. Click “Rest Token” and copy it to your clipboard, you will need it later


  1. Download the latest release here
  2. Extract/unzip the downloaded compressed file into a new folder
  3. Open a command prompt in the project root folder/directory
    • On Windows you can type cmd.exe in the File Explorer path
    • Root folder structure:
      • commands/
      • local_modules/
      • .env.example
      • index.js
      • etc…
  4. Run the command npm install
  5. Copy-paste the .env.example file in the same directory and re-name the created file to .env
  6. Open the .env file and fill in your values
    • CLIENT_ID: Can be grabbed by creating a new application in your Discord Developer Portal
    • DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN: After creating your bot on the link above, navigate to Bot in the left-side menu to reveal your bot-token
    • CFTOOLS_API_APPLICATION_ID: Application ID from your CFTools Developer Apps – Authorization has to be granted by navigating to the Grant URL that’s displayed in your app overview
    • CFTOOLS_API_SECRET: Same as above, click Reveal Secret
    • CFTOOLS_SERVER_API_ID: Click Manage Server in your CF Cloud Panel
  7. Add the bot to your server by using the following link: (Replace CLIENT-ID with your CLIENT_ID from before)
  8. Run the command node . in the project root folder/directory or npm run start if you have PM2 installed to keep the process alive.


How do I create the Discord bot account?

Check out this video by The Coding Train

Is any specific set-up required to use this?

Yes. Your DayZ server has to be connected to the CFTools Cloud API and needs the GameLabs integration mod.




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