What is it?

See the following for a visual representation of Bionic Reading, which inspired this: https://twitter.com/juanbuis/status/1526900107379105793/photo/1

Installation Instructions:

  • Click the green Code button above, then click “Download ZIP”
  • unzip the file literally anywhere
  • Open Chrome Extensions
  • In the upper right, turn on developer mode
  • Click “Load Unpacked”
  • Select the folder, it should load as Reading Helper
  • Go to the upper right and click the puzzle piece to show the extension (which will look like a Grey Square with a White R)

To Use:

  • when you want to run this against a page, click the extention button and it will convert the page


If anyone wants to fork this and actually upload it to the Chrome Dev store, please go for it! This was the work of 3 hours, has many issues, and isn’t something I plan to refine much. I’d be quite happy if someone else took it and made something better!


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