Media display software for Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, and Readarr.

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User Guide


  • Check Here for the latest updates
  • Visit the wiki for more information on known issues.
  • Visit the Discord Group for discussions and limited support.
  • The default password is: raidisnotabackup


  • Whilst I work hard to ensure that upgrades are backwards compatible, there are rare times that you will need to update settings. Check here for detailed notes on each updated.


  • Displays movies, shows, music poster for what is currently playing.
  • Displays random (on-demand) titles from multiple Plex libraries.
  • Displays custom pictures, background art, and themes
  • Shows coming soon titles from Sonarr (or Season premieres).
  • Shows coming soon titles from Radarr.
  • Shows coming soon books from Readarr.
  • Optionally plays TV and Movies themes, if available
  • A playing progress bar (green for direct play and red for transcoding)
  • Various metadata displayed, such as run time, content rating, studio, etc.
  • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom footer of the page to hide it
  • Background artwork option for improved landscape view (when available)
  • Automatically scales for most display sizes and orientation.
  • Sleep timer
  • Trivia Quiz (multiple selectable topics)


Installation details are as follows:

Docker Compose (X86, ARM32, ARM64)

Create the following directories in your docker folder:

  • ./docker/posterr/config
  • ./docker/posterr/custom

version: '2.4'

    image: petersem/posterr
    container_name: posterr
      TZ: Australia/Brisbane
      BASEPATH: ""
      - ./docker/posterr/config:/usr/src/app/config
      - ./docker/posterr/custom:/usr/src/app/public/custom
      - 9876:3000
    restart: unless-stopped


Option Details
TZ Your local timezone. Go to wikipedia and use the TZ Database Name value.
/docker/posterr/config This is required to save your Posterr settings
/docker/posterr/custom This is required for custom pictures (and other custom media in the future)
Ports Change first part to a different port if needed. e.g. 9876:3000
BASEPATH “/path” Use this for reverse proxy setups which require a base path value. This line can be left out, or value left blank if you dont use alternate paths.


  • Use the Posterr template in community apps.
  • I do not maintain or control the Posterr template in the community apps. If there is something missing or incorrect in this template, please contact the template author, so they can update it.

Binaries (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

  • Get the latest binary release package from here
  • Create a directory called posterr anywhere on your machine
  • Extract the appropriate binary for your machine and place it in this folder.
  • Run the executable file (double click or type posterr-windows.exe from windows, or ./posterr-xxx from Linux/MacOS)
  • Read the text file in the zip for parameter options
Parameter Details
Port number Add a port number after the executable name like: ‘poster-win 6969’ (no parameter defaults to 3000)
Base path Use this for reverse proxies that require a base path value. If you need this, you must also enter a port number. (e.g. ‘posterr-win 3000 /posterr’)

Posterr also works well on Windows as a service, using NSSM

Not yet tested on Linux or MacOS running as a service, however I expect it should work.


  • From v1.10.1, there will be a notice at the top of the settings screen informing you if you are running an old version.
  • Use containrr/watchtower to auto-update Posterr in Docker environments
  • Update in the usual way for Unraid
  • Direct binaries should just be overwritten with the new version.


Get to the settings page in a number of ways:

  • On initial load, you will be prompted.
  • Change the URL to http://hostIP:9876/settings (where hostIP is the IP number of the machine that Posterr is installed on. Change the port number if you set a different value. 3000 is the default for the binary executables)
  • Clicking on the top banner title of any slide.
  • If on the ‘no content’ page, then click this text

The default password is: raidisnotabackup

Possible Uses

  • Mount a monitor on your wall and showcase your home media setup
  • Use it on a second monitor to keep an eye on what is running
  • Run it on a small screen mounted outside your theater room to show when a movie is in progress
  • Use a reverse proxy, or port-forward, to let your friends see what is playing, available, and coming soon

Technical Features

  • Built in Node JS, and packaged as a Docker image. (included image health check)
  • Direct binary files also provided for MacOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Low resource usage. Memory: 20-35mb, Diskspace: ~75mb, CPU: < 1% (running on a Synology NAS with a Celeron processor)
  • Checks for updates in Now Screening / Playing every 10 seconds (Will not display updates until browser refreshed or all slides cycled through)
  • Browser-based, so can run the app on one machine and a browser on another.
  • Browser connectivity checks and auto-reconnect when the Posterr app restarts. (eg During container updates)
  • Supports screen resolution heights from 320 pixels to around 3500 pixels.
  • Supports reverse proxy setup for wildcard dns or alternate base path.
  • Built-in recovery features should the Poster app, or Plex, go offline.

Please see the Posterr Wiki for more information.


Should you encounter a problem, the solution may be listed HERE.


  • There is no ‘official’ support for this product, however should you encounter issues, raise an issue on the github page.
  • Limited support in Discord

Support my efforts and continued development


Matt Petersen (April 2021)

Technical Details

Posterr uses the following:

  • Node & Node Express
  • The awesome Node-Plex-APi
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • Font-Awesome
  • Plex (via PlexAPI)
  • Sonarr (via API)
  • Radarr (via API)
  • Readarr (via API)
  • Posters and artwork from Plex, TVDB and TMDB.


Posterr is dependant on third party applications and services. Some features may fail temporarily or permenantly if the dependancies are unavailable, or become incompatible for any technical or legal reason. This software comes with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. Images and themes that you download through Posterr may be copyrighted, and are the property of the respective copyright holders.



Free Software, Hell Yeah!


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