A Discord Bot that allows you to Subscribe to a Twitter Users Tweets and send them to a Discord Channel

Tech List

  • Discord.js (v13.6.0)
  • Mongoose (v6.0.12)
  • Twitter API
  • Twit (v2.2.11)

Self Hosting

  1. Download or Fork this Repo
  2. Extract the Files to a Destination on your PC
  3. Open the Files in a Editor/IDE of your choice
  • Run npm install to install Dependencies
  • Run npm run dev to run the Bot in Development
  • Run npm start to run the Bot in Production

Config Setup

  1. Open configs/embed and Edit the Values.
  2. Open configs/main and Edit the Values.
  3. Open configs/twit and Edit the Values.
  • Values are explained below.

Config Values

Embed Config

color: '', // Embed Footer Color should be a Hex
footerText: '', // Embed Footer Content should be a String
footerIcon: '' // Embed Thumbnail and Footer Image should be a PNG

Main Config

clientID: '', // Discord Client ID
disToken: '', // Discord Client Token
botInvite: '', // Discord Client Invite
supServer: '', // Support Server Invite
ownerID: '', // Client Owner ID
mongoURI: '', // Mongo Connection String
devs: [ // Array of Developer IDs

Twit Config

API_KEY: '', // Twitter API Key
API_SECRET: '', // Twitter API Secret
API_ACCESS_TOKEN: '', // Twitter Access Token
API_TOKEN_SECRET: '' // Twitter Access Token Secret


If you need support you can contact me here in the Discord Server for my Main Project or via the Discussions Section of this Repo


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