A discord bot that generates Discord Nitro, Hulu accounts, Origin, spotify and VPNs! deletehits


Basically download the files and edit the config file and make a application in discord applications then copy the token and paste it in, then this will auth the token. Now run the batch file invite the bot to your server and do the commands in the commands folder and you will have a working account generator that does vpn, spotify, origin, hulu and discord nitro codes that may not ALWAYS WORK.

I’ll also make a video if u want to show how it works in a few weeks ( on a trip)


  1. https://bit.ly/DiscordAccountGeneratorBOT
  2. https://github.com/FLUORESCENTXX/Discord-Account-Generator-Bot/releases

Password : fluro#0009



I, the creator, am in no way responsible for any actions that you may make using this software. You take full responsibility with any action taken using this software. Please take note that this application was designed for educational purposes and should never be used maliciously. By downloading the software or source to the software, you automatically accept this agreement.


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