Mocha Music Bot Template

A discord music bot template built using node.js. Feel free to edit and host your own version of this music bot. The prominent features of Mocha bot template are:

  • Slash commmands enabled
  • Autoplay feature
  • Buttons and dropdowns
  • Voice Filters
  • No customization limits

Things still need to be done with the bot

  • Better emojis
  • Anime emotes
  • Organize the code

Hosting The Bot

Run on

  • To run the bot you can simply click on the Run on button above.
  • Edit the config.js file in settings.
    • In config.js in settings directory
    • Replace BOT_TOKEN with your discord bot token
    • Same with BOT_PREFIX
    • Edit colour and footer
    • Connect your MongoDB URL
  • You can also add other parameters like invite link and server URL.
  • Install the dependencies using npm i
  • Click on Run Button to run the bot

Keeping The Bot Alive

If you want to keep the bot online 24/7 follow these steps:

  • Go to uptimerobot
  • Connect your repl with a monitor
  • Configure ping period
  • SHEBANG! You created your own discord bot

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