A Discord Music Bot written in JavaScript, the discord.js library and discord.js-commando framework


Installing the dependencies

npm i


Make a config.json file in the root directory of the project and add:

  "prefix": "!",  // You can change the prefix to whatever you want it doesn't have to be - !
  "token": "Your-Bot-Token",
  "tenorAPI": "tenor-API-key",
  "newsAPI": "news-api-key",
  "youtubeAPI": "youtube-api-key",
  "yandexAPI": "yandex-api-key",
  "geniusLyricsAPI": "genius-api-key"

Open index.js and change the ID in line 30 to your discord user ID

I run the bot on a debian 9 environment so it might not work as intended on other operating systems(although it should), if you need a guide on how to install node.js on debian 9 or ubuntu I will link one in the resources down below.

Also, no matter what operating system you have, make sure ffmpeg and python 2.7 are installed. Discord.js now requires Node version greater than or equal to 12.0.0 .

If you are not cloning this repo, make sure your dependencies versions are the same as this repo’s.


  • Music
Command Description Usage
!play Play any song or playlist from youtube, you can do it by searching for a song by name or song url or playlist url !play darude sandstorm
!pause Pause the current playing song !pause
!resume Resume the current paused song !resume
!leave Leaves voice channel if in one !leave
!remove Remove a specific song from queue by its number in queue !remove 4
!queue Display the song queue !queue
!shuffle Shuffle the song queue !shuffle
!skip Skip the current playing song !skip
!skipall Skip all songs in queue !skipall
!skipto Skip to a specific song in the queue, provide the song number as an argument !skipto 5
!volume Adjust song volume !volume 80
!music-trivia Engage in a music trivia with your friends. You can add more songs to the trivia pool in resources/music/musictrivia.json !music-trivia
!loop Loop the currently playing song !loop 5
!lyrics Get lyrics of any song or the lyrics of the currently playing song !lyrics song-name
!now-playing Display the current playing song with a playback bar !now-playing
  • Misc
Command Description Usage
!cat Get a cute cat picture !cat
!fortune Get a fortune cookie tip !fortune
!insult Generate an evil insult !insult
!chucknorris Get a satirical fact about Chuck Norris !chucknorris
!motivation Get a random motivational quote !motivation
!global-news Latest headlines from reuters, you can change the news source to whatever news source you want, just change the source in line 13 in global-news.js or ynet-news.js !global-news
!random Generate a random number between two provided numbers !random 0 100
!reddit Replies with 5 top non nsfw subreddit posts !reddit askreddit
!say Make the bot say anything !say Lorem Ipsum
!translate Translate to any language using yandex translation service(only supported lanugages) !translate ありがとう
!whomademe Info about me and the repo !whomademe
!uptime Replies with the bot’s total uptime !uptime
  • Gifs
Command Description Usage
!animegif Get an anime related gif by a query !animegif one punch man
!gif Get any gif by a query !gif labrador
!gintama Replies with a random gintama gif !gintama
!jojo Replies with a random jojo gif !jojo
  • Guild
Command Description Usage
!ban Bans a tagged member !ban @johndoe
!kick Kicks a tagged member !kick @johndoe
!prune Delete up to 99 recent messages !prune 50


Get a Tenor API key here

Get a NewsAPI API key here

How to get a Youtube API key

Get a Yandex API key here

Get a Genius API key here

Installing node.js on debian

Installing node.js on Windows


Fork it and submit a pull request! Anyone is welcome to suggest new features and improve code quality!


  • Change framework (probably to akairo)


encoder-glitch – uptime command

chimaerra – minor command tweaks


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