a discord phishing site source that help you to get details of discord accounts

Discord Phishing Site Source

DPSS is a phishing site that sending the infos to your webhook, some people were selling it for 50$-250$ but i made one and leaked!


Telegram Server for Support

Discord Community Server if server get term we will update link!

Features :

  • Stealing Email/Password/Token
  • Saving Tokens/email:pass:token format in Tokens.txt/Full.txt
  • The webhook will send a text instead embed if you want embed dm me in discord or telegram or if you know coding use AutoSpreader.py
  • Auto Spreading in none pm/rare badge accounts
  • Looks Like Real discord login page
  • showing backup codes in (v2.0)
  • showing hq friend list in (v2.0)
  • and much more stuff in v2.0!


The phishing sites is a violation of Discord Terms of Service & Community guidelines and will result in your account(s) being terminated. Discretion is adviced. I will not be responsible for your actions. Read about Discord Terms Of service and Community Guidelines

Tutorial / Showcase Video

DPSS v1.0

No Showcase for now!

Basic Usage

  1. go to config.php
  2. in line 3 put your webhook link
  3. Make sure line 4 and 5 is TRUE
  4. if you want embed change line 8 to TRUE
  5. put your api url in line 9 without api url you can’t use autospreader if you dont know how to do it feel free to dm me
  6. enter your website link in line 10 and a message in line 11 (you need it for autospreader)

How To Host?

  1. If you already don’t know how to host websites, just dm me in telegram or discord -> Im Sorry I can’t tell any basic hosting for now i may tell in next updates

How to get help?

Read this documentation, feel free to make an issue or try asking on our Telegram Group

Support ME!

Leave a star on the repository, helps out intensively! You can also buy me a cookie on these addresses if I helped you out in any way. DPSS took 50-60 days to make and which doesn’t come cheap and made me to only focus on it 🙂

  • ETH: 0x0F61107051dDE61533D44CcAB49680B396517c91

  • BTC: 3JS9dSecA9xDdq28ZWoSwgwe829wcSu2eH

  • SOL: 7G4sDZrDFb6pZ1Li4L12HWMPY92wVH6STm6Yk68PZiTR

  • LTC: MJ4kLwJf5aAwczNBjkV2oTZMhJwXqn5Y3C

  • USDC: 0xA44Db15A5A0aab83fd13e342Db0737bF849BCd18


Just dm me in discord/telegram and i will help you! or make an issue


Thanks For SlashX he helped me too much to make it!


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