😀 iMosyon

A Emotion Prediction thru Word or Sentence.

⚙️ Installing dependencies

  • Python: Make sure to install the right version of Python 3.8.10 here.
    • Run the command
      pip install -r requirements.txt
  • NodeJS: Install the curent latest NodeJS from their website.
  • ReactJS: run npm install on project folder for installing all the libraries including ReactJS.

📝 Core Library

Your prediction model should be added to predict function from the back-end/core/predictor.py file.

25.    def predict(self, sentence) -> str:
26.        # enter your model here!
27.        pass

😎 Front-End

The Front-End library the we use is ReactJS and it’s located on front-end/ folder.

🖥 Make the system run

  • Back-End (Flask)
    cd back-end/ && python server.py
  • Front-End (ReactJS)
    cd front-end/ && npm run dev

‼️ NOTE: Run the command separately in a command prompt or terminal.


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