Fabulously Optimized

A simple modpack for people who are used to having Forge and OptiFine and are curious to see what equivalents Fabric has to offer. You could consider this modpack a “starting point” to optimize your game before adding more functional mods or you could just play this as if it was vanilla – the choice is yours.

The pack only adds performance and graphics enhancements to the client, so it works on every world and server.


Download from Curseforge

Supports CurseForge Launcher, MultiMC, GDLauncher and vanilla launcher. Install instructions

Alternative downloads

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Feature/Edition CurseForge Launcher MultiMC MultiMC (auto-update) GDLauncher Vanilla launcher (manual install)
Pack download ⬇️ Download ⬇️ Download ⬇️ Tutorial ⬇️ Tutorial ⬇️ Tutorial
Recommended for Most people Slow device or internet Testers and contributors Linux users Advanced users
Easy install
Easy pack upgrade
Easy pack upgrade for newer MC
Add mods with few clicks
Can be used offline
Supports the modpack and mods


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Included mods

The selected mods are inspired, but not limited by the list of Optifine alternatives. The modpack also improves the default settings.

List of mods as of 3.1.0-beta.1 are below.


  • Sodium by CaffeineMC – optimizes general rendering to improve FPS, adds some graphics options
  • Lithium by CaffeineMC – optimizes game physics and chunk loading
  • Starlight by Spottedstar – optimizes light rendering
  • FerriteCore by malte0811 – reduces RAM usage
  • Enhanced Block Entities by FoundationGames – makes chests, signs, beds etc. render faster
  • Entity Culling by tr9zw – stops rendering entities that are behind a wall
  • LazyDFU by tuxed – makes the game startup faster
  • Smooth Boot by UltimateBoomer – improves the overall responsiveness of the game (less likely to freeze)
  • No Fade by UltimateBoomer – makes game startup and resourcepack switch faster by removing fade animations
  • Dynamic FPS by juliand665 – renders Minecraft slower if it is in the background to reduce CPU usage
  • Language Reload by Jerozgen – makes language switching instant


  • Iris Shaders by coderbot – adds Optifine’s shaders support, recommended ones are here
  • Sodium Extra by FlashyReese – adds many Optifine-like graphics toggles: animations, particles, weather, FPS indicator and more
  • Reese’s Sodium Options by FlashyReese – makes Sodium’s settings vertical, centered and scrollable
  • LambdaBetterGrass by LambdAurora – adds Optifine’s “better grass” and “better snow”
  • LambDynamicLights by LambdAurora – adds Optifine’s “dynamic lights” – light up the area by holding a light source, activating TNT or creeper
  • Fabric Capes by VictorKohler – adds Optifine’s and other mods’ capes, instructions are here
  • Continuity by Pepper_Bell – adds Optifine’s connected textures support
  • CIT Resewn by SHsuperCM – adds Optifine’s custom item textures support
  • Colormatic by kwertiTheCats – adds Optifine’s custom colors support, clear skies and clear void options
  • Animatica by FoundationGames – adds Optifine’s animated textures support
  • Custom Entity Models by dorianpb – adds Optifine’s custom entity models partial support
  • Puzzle by Motschen – adds some Optifine features like emissive mobs and resource pack-provided splash screen
  • Cull Leaves by Motschen – adds Optifine’s “better trees” – fancy leaves are more see-through for better FPS
  • AdvancementInfo by Giserbaer – makes the advancement screen bigger, adds a requirement list and search bar
  • Better Mount Hud by Lortseam_ – horse health and your food are displayed at the same time, jump bar appears when jumping
  • ‘Slight’ Gui Modifications by shedaniel – adds toast animations and FO text in main menu, plus several opt-in features
  • Item Model Fix by Pepper_Bell – fixes transparent gaps in held items
  • ToolTipFix by Kyrptonaught – makes sure all tooltips fit to screen
  • Fabrishot by ramidzkh – lets you take a high-res screenshot with F9


  • WI Zoom by alexander9892 – adds a scrollable zoom feature
  • Borderless Mining by comp500 – allows you to have Minecraft in full screen and interact with a different window (disabled by default)
  • TieFix by j_t_a_i – disables telemetry and fixes some bugs
  • FastOpenLinksAndFolders by altrisi – fixes the game freezing when you open resource pack folders, a screenshot etc.
  • More Chat History by JackFred2 – increases chat history limit
  • Don’t Clear Chat History by anar4732 – keeps typed message history across worlds
  • AntiGhost by Giselbaer – fixes glitching blocks by typing /ghost (please use it rarely)
  • Your Options Shall Be Respected by shedaniel – keeps your settings when updating the modpack
  • Mod Menu by TerraformersMC – adds a mod list with descriptions (enable FO’s bundled resource pack for better experience!)
  • Not Enough Crashes by NatanFudge – allows playing after a crash and getting the crash report as a link
  • Fabric API by modmuss50 – makes most mods work
  • Indium by comp500 – adds support for the Rendering API (more parity mods)
  • CompleteConfig by lortseam_ – makes some mods’ config work
  • Cloth Config API by shedaniel – makes many mods’ config work
  • Cloth API (Fabric) by shedaniel – makes some mods work
  • MidnightLib by TeamMidnightDust – makes some mods work
  • Architectury by shedaniel – makes some mods work
  • Fabric Language Kotlin by modmuss50 – makes some mods work

¹ The mod is not from Curseforge, but the license and Curseforge allow usage in modpacks


Help is provided by:

Want to help translate the modpack to your language? See this tutorial


The modpack has been set up to be compatible with the rules of most public third-party servers, but it is your responsibility to verify whether you are allowed to use it or not. By installing this modpack you agree that the the modpack author, the mod developers and Mojang provide no warranties for using this modpack, every action you do with it is your own.

The command /ghost (provided by AntiGhost) may be disabled or disallowed on some servers as it sends a slight amount of packets, but it is overall safe if you use it rarely, only when needed.
This modpack disables the in-game third-party server disclaimer, so if you are using the multiplayer function, you also agree to the following: “Caution: Online play is offered by third-party servers that are not owned, operated, or supervised by Mojang Studios or Microsoft. During online play, you may be exposed to unmoderated chat messages or other types of user-generated content that may not be suitable for everyone.”. You must also be aware that you can use the “social interactions” screen by pressing the key P in-game.
This modpack is using Starlight for chunk optimization and due to the way it works, disabling (or replacing) the mod will make your existing worlds initially load a bit slower.
This is harmless, it simply means the game is calculating the lit up areas again with a different algorithm.


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