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Sakurator | Start learning 日本語 here

Sakurator (Website publish date: ~4-6 April ’22) – a personal trainer for learning Japanese alphabets (hiragana & katakana). There are 18 sets of cards of 5-6 letters.

How to play?

Open one of them and start you game or change the alphabet using the switch above the cards! Sakurator will show you a letter and 4 possible pronunciations of it. Select the correct one. That’s it! Simple and effective at once!

See that bar above? Fill it to complete the game, and you will earn one petal. Petals show your progress. You can track how many petals you earned at main menu – just under the name of card sets.

If you complete a game without mistakes, you will earn a bonus petal! To complete the whole course, earn all the petals needed for each card set!

It’s completely free! Use it and get closer to your Japanese dream! Open the sakurator!

Technical information for employers

Sakurator is created in 4 days, where the first day was spent for designing. I used Express.js, Pug, Prisma ORM, Sass and Pure JavaScript to create it. I learned many things about Node.js, deploying and Git CLI.

Sakurator will being got updates until 1st of January ’23 and bug fixes until 1st of March ’23.


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