A fast Protocol 6 client for private servers


Getting started.

After installing nodejs, run npm install and npm run cigar3 in a terminal. Then just paste in your browser localhost:3000 to enjoy the client.

Where can I get some help?

If you need extra help with anything you should ask it in the Private Servers Discord and not in issues.

How do I add a server?

Just add a new ip adress and name in ./web/servers.json.

How do I add a skin?

Just add a new label and a path to your skin in ./web/skins.json. I would recommend you putting skins in the ./web/skins directory. PNG is the recommended format.

What server should I use?

Recommended server, OgarII by Luka.

Why Cigar3?

I wanted to have multiple files and a webgl support. Those changes would make Cigar2 too different from original. I’m still using some code from cigar2 tho.




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