Just a lil’ ol greeter bot to direct new members joining the Hack Club Slack. You wonder what she might say…

Toriel DMing you about how to change Slack themes

Toriel is a fork of Clippy.

Running locally

Contributions are encouraged and welcome!

In order to run Toriel locally, you’ll need to join the Hack Club Slack. From there, ask @msw to be added to the Toriel app on Slack.

  1. Clone this repository git clone && cd clippy
  2. Install ngrok (if you haven’t already)
  3. Install dependencies npm install
  4. Create .env file
    • touch .env
    • Ask @msw for the .env file contents
  5. Start server npm run dev
  6. Forward your local server to ngrok ngrok http 3000
  7. Update the Slack settings in the manifest.yml to use your ngrok URL

Formatting is important, please run npm run fmt on contribution.

Working tasks

This section is just from @MaxWofford– go ahead and ignore

  • Setup messages in cave channel
    • image
    • text
    • audio
  • Ephemeral message in cave channel
  • Messages in DM for CoC
  • Setup basement channel
    • image
    • text
    • audio
    • button
  • Remove basement from flow
  • Add legacy tokens (blocking on getting a legacy token)
  • Setup cave channel
    • Default messages
    • Public
    • New messages aren’t allowed
  • Disable old clippy flow
  • Fix bug where user is not promoted
  • Fix bug where user is DM’ed twice on starting flow
  • Setup #toriels-diary channel
    • slash commands
    • buttons
    • messages, mentions, etc.


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