Fullstack Seasonal Travel Planner

Ever wished there was a centralized place to know which fun travel activities you could do without worrying about bad weather or other seasonal problems?

I never remember to check the season before I book a trip – and wow has it caused some problems and cost me a few PTO days.

With this app, you can view crowdsourced travel ideas from all over the world based on which season (relative to the Northern Hemisphere) you want to travel during.


  • Fork this repo
  • Clone it to your local machine
  • Using the command line, enter this folder’s directory on your machine and run npm install
  • Then run ‘npm run build’ to start the build process using webpack.
  • Once you’re finished with the build, type ‘npm run dev’ on one terminal to get the frontend loaded (please note the frontend is currently setup to run on http://localhost:8080 – you can change this in the webpack.config file)
  • You should run ‘npm run dev-server’ on another terminal instance to get the backend booted up as well (please note the frontend is currently setup to run on http://localhost:3000 – you can change this in the server/server.js file)

And you’re in business! Feel free to make improvements to the application – I love contributions.


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