The Guest List


The Guest List is a full stack application that allows a user to signup, login, and add guests to their wedding guest list.

As a user, I want to be able to store my guest’s contact information, whether they have rsvp’d or not, and what food choice they have selected. I also want to be able to edit their information and delete their information.

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If you would like the view the site from a user’s point of view, you have the option of viewing the site on Heroku. It is located at The Guest List.

If you would like to run the application locally, please ensure that you have the prerequisites installed, then take the following steps:

Clone this repository to your local machine with git clone Install NPM dependencies by running npm install in the project directory. Create and .env file that includes: DB_NAME='the_guest_list_db' DB_USER='root' DB_PW='<Your SQL Password>' SESSION='<Anything you'd like to name>' If you use a MySQL username other than root or have a MySQL password, and update lines 2 and 3. Log into MySQL CLI with mysql -u root (substitute your username and add -p <your password> if needed). Run schema.sql; Exit MySQL with exit. Ensure that you are in the root project directory, then run npm run start. The application will be running at localhost:3001/

Technologies Used

Bulma (Front-end framework) Handlebars (Templating engine) Heroku (Cloud platform) MySQL (RDBMS) Node.js (Javascript environment) Express (Web framework within Node.js) Sequelize (ORM) JQuery Validation Plugin

Future Development

Add a customizable seating chart and table numbers to the guest list. Add a section on the app that allows guests to share their photos from their personal devices. Eventually we would develop this into an app for smartphones that will auto upload the photos taken from the wedding/event. Expand this app to other events besides weddings.


Sign up – Allows user to input their information to create an account alt text Login – If user has already created an account, they can log in to thier account Add Guest – Add a guests contact information to add it to the database alt text Display all guests – Allows User to see all of their guests information alt text Edit Guest – If a guest changes their rsvp status, food choice, address or there was a mistake entering information in, this allows the user to edit and update a guests information alt text


Heather Johnsick, Chotan Sharma, Jacqueline Merlan, Nathanael Farver, Benjamin Eidum


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