Girlfriend Bot

This repo is basically the source code for the main youtube video which was basically me creating a girlfriend that i can talk to in VC and her replying to me. Don’t worry i’m not down bad, it was just suggested by some members, so i’m fine.

YouTube Video:


Follow these steps to be able to start the bot properly.

Step 1:

You’re gonna star this repo and click on the green download button and download the code (ZIP)

Step 2:

Once that’s done, you’re going to open the folder in your IDE and do npm install, Note that you need to have node.js installed.

Step 3:

You’re gonna create a new file and name it .env and put the following code

  • Next to the token, you will grab your bot’s token that can be obtained from the discord developers portal
  • Next to X you’re going to grab an api key from UltraX API and put it there. It takes a while to receive the verification code and it might be in your spam category.
  • P.S. The website (UltraX) isn’t designed for phone usage.

Step 4

Now you can enjoy your bot by starting it, type node . in the terminal to run the bot


The bot will require a while to be able to work in vc, so maybe let it be online for 1 minute, then add it to the vc using !callMyGF and wait for 10 seconds or so. If you faced any issues you can always join our discord server!

Donation: you can help me buy a new laptop by donating to me, would be appreciated!


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