Independent Fact Checkers

This is an art project to make a fediverse bot which acts as a fact checker but uses a neural net to generate relatively random gibberish, both as an artistic critique of fact checkers in general, and as a playful way to experience human/AI interaction.

This Is Misinformation!!!!1

  1. This is an AI, it generates gibberish, it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to consider it anything other than an amusement.
  2. “Real” self-proclaimed fact checkers get it wrong often enough that they’re mostly useless. And worse, they claim to know the truth so every time they make a mistake they are misleading people and potentially causing harm. This bot encourages people to question fact checkers and think critically.
  3. chad_yes.png

How to run it

  1. npm install
  2. copy config.example.js to config.js
  3. Register on and get a token, place this in gooseAiToken in config.js
  4. node bot.js init -> this will generate a URL
  5. Click the URL from a browser that is logged in to the user which you want to use as the bot. The webpage will output a token.
  6. node bot.js init <the token from the webpage> -> it will say “Got teh terkin”
  7. node bot.js – it’s running

How to use

  • Send a fediverse message tagging the bot, and only the bot, which asks a question.
  • It will reply with some sillyness.
  • Repeat


Example of asking question to fact checker




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