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Tokyo Night is a GTK theme based on the Tokyo Night colour palette for Neovim and Graphite theme by @VinceLiuice and part of the ‘Code Editors Colours for GTK Themes’ series.

The idea was born because I wanted a GTK theme to match the color palettes of my Xmonad TWM and Neovim setups. I use various colour palettes for my working environment based on the themes of my Neovim code editor; I have used the most popular code editors but in Neovim I feel more comfortable, so based on the theme of my Neovim setup I set my working environment as Xmonad TWM and the Gnome or KDE desktops.

There are many really cool themes for GTK such as: Juno, Sweet and Ant by @EliverLara, or Layan, Orchis and Fluent by @VinceLiuice which I have used to combine my Neovim and Xmonad configurations with my working environment, but they don’t quite work as well as I would like them to; and that’s why I started looking for a way to achieve that combination of the gtk applications and the Neovim colour scheme and the Xmonad configuration.

I started creating themes in Oomox to achieve this but Oomox is not a full customisation application and you can only change the colours of a few well known Gnome desktop themes, however, this application has helped me a lot to understand basic concepts of creating how GTK themes work, for example that GTK customisation is based on CSS stylesheets.
I know a bit about how CSS stylesheets work from web development, so I decided to learn a bit about modifying and creating GTK themes.

Finding information on this topic is a bit difficult for a beginner, but you have to start somewhere, and even in the official documentation they recommend to start by modifying themes to understand the basics of how GTK themes are structured.

After trying and modifying some Oomox themes, I decided to understand more modern and complex themes, like VinceLiuice’s WhiteSur theme, but this kind of themes are still a bit complicated for me that I’m just starting with GTK theme modification and creation, so I took as an example and basis for my modifications EliverLara’s great theme, Otis, which has a pretty cool colour palette, but I still felt it was a bit complicated for me, although I managed to adapt it a bit to GTK4 for those applications to which the theme didn’t apply; But it wasn’t until I started modifying another cool VinceLiuice theme, Graphite, that I started to understand a bit more about modifying and creating GTK themes.

So, this is my first attempt with GTK themes, which currently only works on the Gnome Desktop, at least until I learn to understand a bit more about creating themes for other desktop environments; but I thought many of you might like these modifications I made for my personal use, and I’m planning to make a series of GTK themes based on the colour schemes I use in my Neovim and Xmonad configurations and I hope you like them and find them useful.

Installing themes in GNOME

  • 1 Download the theme from: Tokyo Night GTK Theme and unzip the files.
  • Cut the unzipped files and paste it into any of the following paths:
    • ‘~/.local/share’ Create the folder ‘themes’ and paste the themes folders inside.
    • ‘~/.themes’ in the ‘home’ directory, Create the folder ‘.themes’ and paste the theme folders inside.
  • With Gnome Tweaks you can change every detail, the shell, the icons, the theme…

More themes of the ‘Code Editors Colours for GTK Themes’ serie

You all know that you can leave comments to report bugs or give your opinion about the theme, so please leave comments to report bugs and get them fixed as soon as possible.

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