Soul Safe

A holistic framework to verify and authenticate immutable documents


  1. Set up a metamask account

  2. Get some free polygon matic from faucets

  3. Visit

  4. Upload the document and add the recipient address

What is Soul Safe?

Our key primitive is accounts, or wallets, that hold publicly visible, non-transferable (but possibly revocable-by-the-issuer) tokens. We refer to the accounts as “Souls” and tokens held by the accounts as “Soulbound Tokens” (SBTs). We initially assume publicity despite our deep interest in privacy because it is technically simpler to validate as a proof-of-concept, even if limited by the subset of tokens people are willing to publicly share.

And hence somes the idea of Soul Safe to a formal framework that can be used to verify and authenticate immutable documents.


SoulSafe can be modified on basis of needs and requirement of the particular institution.

  1. Resume Verification – Companies can verify the certificates, the candidates have earned.

  2. Product Reviews – Users can provide with reviews about a particular product which can not be tampered with.

  3. Badge Security – Our system can help systems who issue badges or digital credentials to people by securing the credentials to the respective member. Eg: Credly, Certif-ID

Note: Not just limited to these there can be many more applications that can be built on top of such SBT tokens where immutability is the necessity.

Tech Used

  1. React
  2. Solidity
  3. Hardhat
  4. Polygon Network
  5. Metamask
  6. Ethers.js


1. Landing Page


2. Upload Page


3. Certificate Verification Page


4. Meta mask transaction


5. Certificate issued by the issuer



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