Replicate Javascript client

This is a Javacript client for Replicate. It lets you run models from your browser or node. It is promise-based and designed with async / await in mind.

Also full on WIP and may or may not work precisely as documented. YMMV.

You can run a model and get its output:

From The Browser

import Replicate from './replicate.js'
// NEVER put your token in any publically accessible client-side Javascript
// Instead, use a proxy-- see cors-proxy.js
let replicate = new Replicate({proxy_url: "http://localhost:3000/api"});
let model = await replicate.models.get('replicate/hello-world');
let prediction = await model.predict({ text: "why"});

From Node

import Replicate from './replicate.js'
let replicate = new Replicate({token: "YOUR_TOKEN"});
let model = await replicate.models.get('replicate/hello-world');
let prediction = await model.predict({ text: "why"});

You can run a model and feed the output into another model:

let model1 = await replicate.models.get('afiaka87/laionide-v4')
let image = await model1.predict({prompt: "avocado armchair"});
let model2 = await replicate.models.get("jingyunliang/swinir");
let upscaledImage = await model2.predict({image: image})

Run a model and get its output while it’s running:

let model = await replicate.models.get("pixray/text2image")
let predictor = await model.predictor({ prompts: "san francisco sunset"})
for await(let prediction of predictor){

By default, model.predict() uses the latest version. If you want to pin to a particular version, you can get a version with its ID:

let model = await replicate.models.get("replicate/hello-world")
let versionedModel = await replicate.models.get("replicate/hello-world","5c7d5dc6dd8bf75c1acaa8565735e7986bc5b66206b55cca93cb72c9bf15ccaa");



npm install replicate


In a Node.js environment, set the REPLICATE_API_TOKEN environment variable to your API token. For example, run this before running any Javascript that uses the API:

export REPLICATE_API_TOKEN=<your token>

In either a Node.js or browser environment, you can pass in your API token while creating a replicate instance: let replicate = Replicate({token: 'YOUR_TOKEN'}).


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