A javascript library for creating websites with hidden urls. Demo



This method seems to be quite old and I first found in an old bookmarklet that had many little features using it to “clone” websites by geting the innerHTML of the whole page and making it in an about:blank page. To use it you just make a new var with a like var page = but not adding a url. Then use innerHTML of document write like page.document.write("test"). It has been used in SC and Utopia but can be found in older bookmarklets.


This method creates a blob url (a temporary url that thats stores data in a file-like object). It’s a feature thats used by many websites and is well documented but not used by the community. You can find the official Mdn docs here.


Just sets the innerHTML of the current page.


How it Works

Basically creates a full screen iframe with whatever url you want.

Hide From History

The about method does hide the website from your history. The blob one does go into your history but is deleted very soon after. The overwrite method just shows the current website you are on. Extensions like securly that have iframe detection might still see it.


Despite what you have heard, it will still be blockable because your viewing the website just in an iframe.

Basic Example


<script src=""></script>


//Creates new Windowo
var page = new Windowo({
    "type": "blank", //Blank, blob, or overwrite
    "url": "" //Any url
//Set the type
//Set the url
//Get iframe code
//Open page


Nebelung – For this thing

Veracity – See below

Both the about:blank method and fullscreen iframe have be around for a while but veracity combined them to from Utopia


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