Minesweeper Board using arrays in JavaScript

This is an asssessment done in SDV503 at NMIT 2022

  • The aim of the assessment is to create a JavaScript program that takes an input arrays of where bombs are on a minesweeper board and translate it to a board where each cells value is the number of neighboring mines.


Input – [ [0,1,0,0] [0,0,1,0] [0,1,0,1] [1,1,0,0] ]

(0 represents an empty space, 1 represents a bomb)

Output – [ [1,x,2,1] [2,3,x,2] [3,x,4,x] [x,x,3,1] ]

(x represents a mine, digits represent the number of adjacent mines)

  • The task also requires a Design.MD document explaining the code.

Created by Flynn Stevens, NMIT Student, 2022


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