ONJoseph Leaderboard project

JavaScript leaderboard project using API.



In this activity I will set up a JavaScript project for the Leaderboard list app, using webpack and ES6 features, notably modules. I should develop a first working version of the app following a wire frame, but without styling – just focus on functionality. In following activities, I will consume the Leaderboard API using JavaScript async and await and add some styling.


  • Use Gitflow
  • Create an npm project with webpack
  • Write plain HTML markup with minimum styling (just to make the layout), because you will implement styles in the following steps
  • Don’t make API calls (you’ll do it in a following lesson).
  • Use ES6 modules, with import and export.

Built With

  • Major languages: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Frameworks: none
  • Technologies used: Git, webpack, API

Live Demo

  • Not deployed yet.

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.


  • Internet connection and browser
  • A text editor(preferably Visual Studio Code)
  • Browser


  • No setup required



  • Clone the repository using git clone https://github.com/ONJoseph/Leaderboard.git
  • Change directory into the project folder cd Leaderboard
  • Run npm install from the terminal
  • Run npm start from the terminal
  • A new browser will open automatically with application loaded

Run tests

  • N/A


  • All the files necessary for deployment are in the /dist folder


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This project is MIT licensed.


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