A JavaScript wrapper and GUI for Browser Automation Studio around the kopeechka.store api.

Cloud-based service for incoming email messages.

  • Huge bank of trusted email domains (gmail.com, hotmail.*, outlook.*, mail.com, etc.)
  • Minimal risk of blocking
  • Fast integration


  1. Download the latest version of KopeechkaS or clone this repository and zip it.
  2. Don’t unzip the file. Browser Automation Studio requires modules in zip format.
  3. Go to Browser Automation Studio and click to Module Manager -> Install module.
  4. Choose KopeechkaS.zip and click Open.



User-friendly interface

Clear and intuitive, there are descriptions and examples.

interface-1 interface-2 interface-3

Using the same email in multiple threads

All emails data is stored in RAM, you can choose the storage model: local, global, resource.


local – Store locally. This threads emails will not be available to other threads.

global – Store globally. All threads can access any email data in this storage.

resource – Store in resource. Same as global model, but a bit slower.

Storage models global and resource cannot be cleared automatically. To avoid memory leaks, it is necessary to close the email. The local storage model is cleared automatically when the thread ends.

The code is designed to keep error rates to minimum

Several categories of errors are present: common, fatal, ignored. Behavior can be reassigned, each error has its own ID.


Common errors – if they occur, the Fail action is called.

Fatal errors – if they occur, the End Script action is called.

Ignored errors are ignored.

Built-in debugger

Informative and clear. Shows queries sent, time metrics in ms, errors text, etc.



Official topic on the Browser Automation Studio forum.

My referral link of Kopeechka.store.

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me:


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