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A jQuery and zepto plugin for lazy loading images

A jQuery and zepto plugin for lazy loading images

Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery | Zepto

Lazy Load delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport wont be loaded before user scrolls to them. This is opposite of image preloading.

Using Lazy Load on long web pages containing many large images makes the page load faster. Browser will be in ready state after loading visible images. In some cases it can also help to reduce server load.

Lazy Load is inspired by YUI ImageLoader Utility by Matt Mlinac.

This project is forked from tuupola/jquery_lazyload and add features below:

Modified many details to improve performance;
IE6/7 supported;
Can dynamically modify the image’s url on demand before image loaded;
Available with Zepto ;
vertical_only \ minimum_interval \ use_minimum_interval_in_ios \ no_fake_img_loader options.




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