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A jQuery-based replacement for select boxes

A jQuery-based replacement for select boxes


Select2 is a jQuery-based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and pagination of results.


Use cases

  • Enhancing native selects with search.
  • Enhancing native selects with a better multi-select interface.
  • Loading data from JavaScript: easily load items via AJAX and have them
  • Nesting optgroups: native selects only support one level of nesting. Select2
    does not have this restriction.
  • Tagging: ability to add new items on the fly.
  • Working with large, remote datasets: ability to partially load a dataset based
    on the search term.
  • Paging of large datasets: easy support for loading more pages when the results
    are scrolled to the end.
  • Templating: support for custom rendering of results and selections.

Browser compatibility

  • IE 8+
  • Chrome 8+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Safari 3+
  • Opera 10.6+

Select2 is automatically tested on the following browsers.


You can source Select2 directly from a CDN like JSDliver or CDNJS, download it from this GitHub repo, or use one of the integrations below.


Third party developers have created plugins for platforms which allow Select2 to be integrated more natively and quickly. For many platforms, additional plugins are not required because Select2 acts as a standard <select> box.


fk, jpic, kevin-brown




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